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Slowness and suggestions

Sep 3, 2011 at 6:39 PM


I downloaded the program yesterday, to choose what browser to open links and of course, not allow programs to open webpages...

But sometimes i see the program is slower to open than the browser itself, since it has a lot of aero stuff

So i thing the developers should make the program more customizable, to have options like skins, and versions with less visual effects


and an important (mostly) feature, the program should be able to keep running, minimized to system tray, so it would not open the executable all time i click on a link

I belive that would make it faster, because what i see is that the program is slow to start, because when its already there, its ok (except for the visuals)


The program is good, and its a great thing to choose which browser to open (or not open), but things like that should be there to avoid slowness

Tks !